Nate Moller is passionate about helping clients see results with their business endeavors.  His main blog about starting an online business began as a tool to teach clients and has grown into a way of sharing his 5 years of online marketing success.

How Nate Got Started

The first “marketing” experience Nate remembers clearly started in 9th grade.  His High School baseball team did fundraisers every year to earn money for stadium lighting and field maintenance and the like.  As a freshman who wanted to make a good impression on the coach, Nate sold “cereal coupons” to everyone he knew in his small town in Idaho.  Nate even went to the neighboring cities and sold to people his family was associated with there.  Not only did he love sales and interacting with people, but he realized pretty quickly that it was all about “Who He Knew” that helped win the grand prize of new baseball spikes.

Every year after that it wasn’t about IF he was going to win, it was about how much more he could sell – from oranges to “dollars per feet the ball was hit”.

Importance of a Mentor

Nate Moller was actually a “Success Story” with Prosper, Inc* in 2004. Since then, he’s implemented what he learned over and over again and shared this knowledge with many successful students.

Why Social Media?

Social media marketing has been an integral part of Nate’s success online.  Here are some of the main platforms you’ll find Nate using proactively:

What Does Nate Do Now?

Moller Marketing currently runs various internet businesses including:

Nate looks forward to the challenge of working with a variety of clients and believes that “failure is not an option”.  He’s committed to helping clients maximize their potential with their Online Businesses.

*Nate is currently employed by Prosper, Inc. but is not a legal representative for the company. Information from this blog is his opinion based on experience and personal testing. There are no guarantees tied to information found on this site and it is not part of Prosper’s Coaching Curriculum.

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