Step by Steps Guest Posting

Guest Posting 101

Step 1:

Find Blogs you want to guest post on – look for subscribers, look for lots of comments, and look for Google Page Rank, make sure it shares your target audience

Step 2:

Send emails to the appropriate people (owner of the blog, manager, etc.) Personalize the message

Step 3:

Start writing a blog post on your own blog – appropriate formatting, bio section, images, and 2-3 links to your site KEYWORD PHRASES, not your domain name!

Step 4:

Once the post is formatted and complete, click on HTML in your blog editor, copy the code and paste in a Notepad (Start menu, Accessories, Notepad)

Step 5:

Save the Notepad file and attach to an email for the guest post!

Step 6:

Repeat this process over and over again!

Read more about blogging here: The Professional Blogger’s Checklist


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