Title Goes Here – Use Keyword Phrase in Our Title

Content goes here!

  1. Commentary, Opinions, Controversial Topics, Comments on News Event, Personal Information/Issues:
  • Don’t be too wordy!
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists
  • Keep your paragraphs scanable – not too long! 3-4 sentences per paragraph
  • Use Pictures in EVERY POST
  • Use video from time to time
  • Use at least one link to another blog post you’ve written, one of your web pages, etc. – Deep Linking!
  • Reference another blog post or credible article

I was reading an article by Tony Robins and he said this:

Quote goes here.

  1. Ads: Not many! Affiliate links, Google Adsense links, links you get from paid advertisers, market your own products!
  2. Photos: 1) our own photos 2) photos we find online (make sure we SOURCE where we get the information)

photo courtesy of

From your computer:

a-rodContent will wrap around the picture.

More content here.

  1. Videos: a) Go to YouTube. b) Type in a keyword phrase that has to do with what you’re talking about.
  1. Links

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