The How To’s of Blogging

How to Add Images

Step 1: Decide where you want the picture to show up and put your cursor there

Step 2:

How to Insert a Picture on Your Blog

How to Insert a Picture on Your Blog

From URL:

Adding a Picture from URL

Adding a Picture from URL

picture source (adding anchor links)

How to Add Video to Your Blog Post

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Find video that relates to your industry

Step 3: Get the Code

Where to get images & video

  3. (Just make sure to source where you got the information. With Youtube it’s already done for you.)

How to start making money with your blog

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing (See the Affiliate Marketing Basics Webinar)
  • Advertising Sales – selling ad space on your site
  • Product Reviews
  • Selling products and/or eBooks

2 Responses to The How To’s of Blogging

  1. Hello Nate, what about copyright of pictures or videos, do they have any when they are on open/public forums like youtube, flickr???

    • natemoller says:

      Video is shareable from Youtube by default if they have embedded code options. If it’s not shareable they won’t give you that link option.

      With pictures from flickr, I follow 2 main rules, 1. when in doubt, reference where you got the picture 2. ask the owner of the picture for permission (most of them will say yes because its free advertising for them)

      Hope this helps. Again, I’m not an attorney so if you still have questions talk to someone that gets paid to answer these legal questions 🙂

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