Use Keyword Phrases You Want to Be Found For

Important Things to Remember When Blogging:

  1. Use of good keyword phrases in the Title of your blog post (don’t make it too long though)
  2. Keyword repetition throughout the content of the blog post
  3. Use keyword phrases as Anchor Links in the content that link to other blog posts on your blog or on another website –
  4. To create an anchor link , first highlight the word or phrase you want to make a link.  Then click the icon that looks like this:
    A box will appear that has the following options:
    Link URL: The link URL is the most important: that is where the keyword phrase will direct readers.
    Target: The Target gives you two options – open link in same window or open in a new window.
    Title: The title is a good place to put the keyword phrase you are highlighting (or a unique keyword phrase if you’re making a picture a link).
    Class: Don’t worry about the Class option.
  5. Become familiar with the icons B I ABC etc.
  6. Clicking on the Icon at the end (Show/Hide Kitchen Sink) can be helpful too:
    It looks like this:
    And will make the options look like this:
  7. Experiment, practice and don’t be afraid to Publish – not many will see your initial work anyway! To “Publish” click on the icon on the right of the screen:



29 Responses to Use Keyword Phrases You Want to Be Found For

  1. Bill Hershey says:

    This was a lot of help, Nate. I couldn’t picture the tools from memory during the class. I’m looking forward to trying this new skill on my current blog and starting a new one to blog on a new topic.

  2. Marcia Keppy says:

    This is an excellent tool that will definitely be sitting alongside my computer when I begin blogging!

  3. Frank Kane says:

    Great class today, Nate. Thanks.

    • natemoller says:


      Thanks for the comment – great job on the homework! If you have any questions, please ask away!

      Nate Moller
      eCommerce Division Leader

  4. Hello Nate,

    I thank you for sharing your expertise. Now, I feel confident to start blogging. I do have questions but I will email them to you.


  5. tim pannell says:

    This was a great class with some extremely relevant information. Thanks for all of the help and advice. I’m looking forward to Blogging 102!
    have a great day!


    • natemoller says:


      Thanks for your participation in the class today! I’m excited to hear your questions and see you implement what we talked about.

      Talk to you soon & thanks for doing the homework!

      Nate Moller
      eCommerce Division Leader

  6. Pablo says:

    These step by step instructions are very helpful. Thanks for sharing Nate! Also great class today!

  7. Marcia Gervase says:

    Thanks so much for all this great information. Am just catching up with some archived classes due to my own private investigation classes in the evenings. I just set up a blog tonight for my handwriting analysis blogging..
    I know you said not to make it too long, but the results on the google search for my title were favorable. Wow. There is so much to learn. Thanks for this Blogging 101… great help.

  8. natemoller says:


    I’m glad you liked the content! Great job setting up your new blog. I look forward to hearing about your success!

    Nate Moller
    eCommerce Division Leader

  9. Nate I want to thank you for the class on blogging today 4/21/2009. I have to say it was the most outstanding class I have attended. It really gave us a lot of information and it was easy to understand. My website is kind of in limbo as I am a newbie and not really sure how to fix things on it. I will get there though.

    • natemoller says:

      Hey Allison,

      I’m glad you liked the class. Let me know if there are things I can do to help you get out of “limbo” 🙂

      Talk to you soon!

      Nate Moller
      eCommerce Div. Leader

  10. Margo says:

    Nate, thanks for the blogging class. I was planning to use my blog to discuss what I learned at a conference, to mention new skin care products that I am selling, etc. I like that I can put a pic of the product on my blog and do an anchor link to my website/store.

  11. shello11 says:

    I viewed the class last week, and set up a blog about music education that very evening. I did as you suggested; I wrote a blog (it’s really an article, I guess)and divided it into 3 parts. I posted part 1; imagine my surprise when I got a comment the next morning! I’ve posted part 2 this week. I realize I have to get better about linking to my review site.

    That was fun…I want to view the next class tonight.


  12. befrugallivewealthy says:

    I want to thank you for the class on Blogging 101, it was really helpful. I’m a former student of Prosper ecommerce. During the class my wife and I had a different focus and the idea that we had kind of dissolved. I have a different idea that I’ve been thinking about the last 7-8 months. The idea is Personal finances. Since I’ve been working on improving our personal finances over the last 3-4 years I’ve gained a passion and I want to share what I’ve learned with others and make a difference in their lives. Personal Finances is a huge industry. I’m wondering if you had any tips to get this idea moving? Also, do you have a few minutes to take a look at my blog and make a comment on it and let me know what you think? I’d sure appreciate it.

    • natemoller says:

      Hello. I’d love to work with you on your blogging strategy. I think your idea is a great one and a definite need in our economic situation.

      I’ll take a look at your blog.

      If you’d like to work with me in some specialized sessions about blogging and eCommerce, I can have one of our continuing education advisors contact you with details.

      Let me know!

      Talk soon!

      Nate Moller
      eCommerce Division Leader

  13. Urzay G says:

    Hey there Nate,
    Great Blogging 101 class – as expected – you covered a lot of ground – to your usual standard – exceptional! I am ready & looking forward to Blogging 102.
    I have started with my “Magellan Website WordPress Blog” here I have picked a coffee theme to suit my domain name – I’ve added a video, an article, as 2 individual posts. The only thing I can’t seem to find – is how to edit the side advertisement banners. I’d like to put in some of my products or affiliate links in these boxes – can’t seem to find theme editor or any other way to do this.
    Once again thanks for your great classes will see you tomorrow for social media marketing for my 3rd time.

    • natemoller says:

      Hello Urzay,

      There is an option in the “Appearance” section that is titled “Widgets”. You should be able to edit there.

      Also, if you’re interested I can have someone from our team at Prosper contact you about specialty sessions with me regarding How to Use WordPress.

      Let me know if that interests you.

      Talk soon!

      Nate Moller

      • Urzay says:

        Thank you Nate,
        I would be interested in having specialty sessions with you regarding “How to Use WordPress” – I would like to talk to someone regarding this.
        Thank You


  14. Urzay G says:

    I just remembered to ask
    Do you have any idea how and where I could add an Aweber autoresponder optin box, to this Magellan WP blog of mine?
    I also have read some of the articles on how to edit theme blogs but I am still in the dark about how to edit the ad boxes and adding my autoresponder code. If you are able to help, it would be very much appreciated.

  15. Urzay says:

    Thanks I will look at this too.

  16. Just got to view your recorded class. Had muddled through wordpress already with a couple of blog posts but unable to add a link for affiliate product. I was later told that was not allowed on wordpress free blogs. How is an affiliate link different from other links and can I still insert pics of items I may talk about that maybe I am selling at ebay and then insert a link for that listing?

  17. Hi Nate – I am listening to your class “Blogging 101” and learning so much. I posted 2 blogs at What do you think?

    I’m trying to establish a blog and webpage with the theme of helping people find different ways to alleviate or decrease stress. I am an RN and have experienced burnout and severe stress, to the point of having to take 6 weeks off of work, or end up at the crazy farm.

    I am so excited about the opportunities I see ahead of me with eCommerce and David Bach’s coaching program. Ellen Long is my coach for finance and, with only 2 sessions under my belt, I’ve seen a whole new world open up before me.

    I just bought a domain at GoDaddy called I want to present different avenues (paths) for people to go From Stress to Serenity ie music, books, candles, aromatherapy, pets, essential oils, Tachyon Energy, Energy Healing, acupuncture, Chakras, natural facial products, color therapy, financial health, relationship advice, nutrition, exercise etc.

    Can you say ‘Affilitate Programs’ ???!!!!

    It’s ambitious, I know, but I’m just using all the things that helped me get through my time on the “crazy train”, and believe me, it took a lot !

    Didn’t mean to turn this into a “blog”, but I just have so much going through my mind and so much to say and share !!

    Anyway, thanks for all the classes you teach and the help you are giving others. After 33 yrs of hospital nursing (ER, OR, dialysis etc), I’m ready for an easier life, and I know it will happen.

    By the way, I used to take clogging lessons and had a dickens of a time finding those dang shoes! Finally found a guy who sold them out of the back of his rickety furniture store. I kept expecting a member of the mafia to come out and make me ‘dance’ for my life while he sat there smoking his pipe and holding his ‘piece’ !! It was pretty spooky !

    Anyway, thanks again for all your help !

    Sherrie Kreiser (future entrepeneur)

  18. Jarad says:

    Hey Nate,

    Thanks again for the info shared in this month’s Blogging 101. Though I’ve done this class before (March 2010); this time I got some specifics and tips that I did not in the previous class.

    I appreciate that fact that you guys stay current and improve upon what was already done; in order to give students the most cutting-edge information and proven techniques to use towards their success.

    Looking forward to more great lessons!

    Best Regards.

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